So, your blood test came back normal, but you don’t feel ‘well’…? This is a common occurrence that we see regularly. 

Functional testing is a great tool that can help us to delve a little deeper into your health concerns to measure how your body’s biological and biochemical processes are working as a whole, and to help to uncover any metabolic, hormonal, or nutritional imbalances that may be impacting your wellbeing. These tests are a great way of identifying the root cause of your symptoms and can assist greatly with developing a more effective and individualised treatment plan for your specific health concerns. Detailed below are a few of my favourite examples of functional testing. If you are interested to find out more about testing that’s available – as well as how I can support you by interpreting previous pathology reports – I’d be very happy to explain more!

DNA Testing

This involves a simple saliva test that identifies inherited variations in chromosomes, genes, and proteins, called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). This can provide an insight into your predisposition toward certain health concerns, which can help to identify the diet and lifestyle practices that support your unique blueprint and unlock your full genetic potential. It can identify genetic factors that influence mood, stress and behaviour, nutrient utilization and needs, liver detoxification capacity, methylation and MTHFR (important for preconception), and hormone health. This test is a wonderful tool for people with chronic, long-term health issues, who have tried many different treatment options and diet changes without finding any resolution or relief.

Organic Acid Test

Organic acid testing is a test that analyses the levels of over 70 different metabolites present in the urine. These metabolites are by-products of normal biochemical processes in the body and provide information about how these processes are functioning. So, where DNA testing is looking at your genetic predisposition, organic acid testing is showing how the processes are actually functioning. It assesses mitochondrial energy production, fatty acid metabolism, intestinal bacteria and yeast (candida), vitamin and mineral levels, antioxidant function, neurotransmitter function, oxidative stress and oxalate levels (involved with many chronic illnesses). It provides an excellent understanding of overall health and highlights specific areas that may need extra support, which is especially useful for people who have experienced long-term chronic health complaints, including chronic fatigue; neurological and psychological conditions including anxiety, depression, and fibromyalgia; behavioural disorders; hyperactivity; chronic inflammation; and immune dysfunction.

Complete Microbiome Mapping

This functional stool test identifies digestive, immune, and inflammation markers in the stool that help to understand how your digestive system is functioning as a whole. The Complete Microbiome Mapping test also identifies the presence of ‘leaky gut’ as well as pathogenic microbes, viruses, parasites, and fungi together with the population of beneficial bacteria, which helps to guide the most appropriate treatment strategies, diet, and lifestyle modifications for your individual needs. This test is extremely beneficial for those suffering with chronic gut issues including IBS; chronic constipation or diarrhoea; recurrent gut infections; pain; flatulence; reflux; and general health issues including fatigue, inflammation and autoimmune conditions.

If you want to know more about these tests, or other specific functional testing that is available, book in a session with Irene!

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