Worry about what you can control. When we give up control and surrender to it, we find peace and calm. The more energy you focus on the worry, the more you pull yourself out of centre and create the very thing that you don’t want.

So, what are some easy things that you can do to stop the vicious cycle?

  • Practice catching yourself doing it and make a game of it. Once you bring conscious awareness to it, it doesn’t have the same power over you. Humour really does dissipate worry.
  • Love your humanness and laugh straight at it. Maybe count how many times you find yourself on the worry wagon. You’ll probably lose count but that’s okay.
  • Imagine pulling the worry from your mind. You can actually do this with your hands and hand it over to God/source/the universe.
  • Remember that what we focus on brings it into manifestation. So, you are actually creating in your reality whatever you worry about and go over and over in your head.
  • Grounding is a wonderful tool for getting out of the head and into the body. It’s best practised in nature, however there are many grounding techniques that are effective and easy.
  • Holding your hands over your heart brings immediate comfort and brings us back to centre. If you’ve seen me before or been to one of my meditation circles, you will know these points. You can hold your heart points as well, which is another great tool to bring you back from the head merry-go-round. There’s a link on the GHE website and Facebook page for more information on this.
  • Prayer can be very useful in grounding your thoughts and re-centring your attention from worry.
  • A regular meditation practice brings you into communication with your higher dimensions/your higher self and when we reside in this space, we have an inner knowing.
  • Ask your higher self, guides, or guardians to help you.
  • Breathe deeply, slowly, and consciously. 
  • Ask someone for a hug; I could write a whole article on hugging. It’s the best distraction from a worried, overactive mind.
  • Face your forehead (third eye) to the sun for a few minutes a day. Imagine it dissolving your worries and filling you up with life force energy. The weather is perfect for this at the moment.
  • Try to actively refocus your energy elsewhere – go for a walk, do some exercise, do something artistic, or spend some time gardening.
  • Dance and play in music. Choose something that uplifts your spirit and feels good; there are so many genres that you can easily look up. As a starting point, try some African, Native American, negative energy clearing, or Tibetan Monks music.
  • Say some mantras out loud. For example, repeat ‘I AM calm’ or ‘I AM surrendering’.
  • It’s vitally important to reach out to someone that can hold space for you and someone that will not feed your worries. 
  • Take a swim if you can or get into a luxurious bath. Bath salts and beautiful smells will help drop you into your body and out of your head. The salts also clear the energy body.
  • Acknowledge how you’re feeling in every moment. There’s no right or wrong. Acknowledge the worry and let it go.
  • Visualise the opposite of the worry. For example, if your worry is about your children, visualise them in your mind’s eye happy, healthy, and connected.
  • Worry keeps you in lower states of consciousness and effects your nervous system, which is connected to your immune system. In general, worry sucks the life force from you and drains your energy. If you can practise recognising it as a distraction that is keeping you out of alignment with source, you will regain so much power, strength, and peace; your warrior self.

This piece is from our latest GHE Magazine; click here to view the magazine in full.