Reiki works on your chakra system (energy) because us humans, as well as animals and plants, are all made up of energy. And as we get older, grow, and life happens to us, our energy system can get blocked, causing all sorts of havoc in our lives. The Reiki energy helps to get that energy moving again. It sorts you out on an energetic level – think of it as an energy massage.

The side effects can be massive shake ups or just little ripples, but either way, Reiki knows what you need to heal at that time, even if it is different to what you want to be healed of. We cannot control what needs to be healed in that moment. 

Welcoming Kylie Anderson to GHE

Kylie is a qualified Reiki Master Healer, holistic health coach, and personal trainer. She is passionate about and dedicated to inspiring healthy and intuitive living, especially for busy women.

Kylie offers reiki healing and meal plans at GHE. 

Reiki healing is powerful yet so gentle. Kylie tells of when completing her Level 1 Reiki, ‘I got an overwhelming sense that this is what I am meant to be doing with my gift. I got butterflies in my stomach and a massive smile on my face. I knew then that this is the work I am meant to be doing’.

Along with your Reiki healing, you will walk away from your session with Kylie with intuitive notes as things pop up for her during your session.

Kylie will be in clinic on Tuesday’s at 9am-12pm and one Saturday morning per month.

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