A wonderful, helpful piece from our kinesiologist, Naareda.

Just as we have an automatic hygiene regime every day, which serves to keep our physical body clean and clear (for example, showering, brushing our teeth, and combing our hair), it’s equally important to have a spiritual practise that serves our emotional, mental, and spiritual self. This is even more important in times of stress.

This is basic self-care that serves to not only make us feel aligned and balanced, but to keep us free from disease.

I’ve included my top ten tips to help you stay centred, grounded, healthy, and in your heart space during times of stress.


Drink plenty of filtered water. This keeps our brain firing, supports the kidneys in detoxing, and helps balance our emotional body.


Getting enough sleep and having a bedtime regime is vital. Turn your phone and your Wi-Fi off before bed. 

High Vibrational Foods

Be conscious of what you are putting into your temple. You are what you eat.

Ground Yourself

Being grounded is a game changer. Spend time in nature, stand on the earth barefoot, and feel the healing energy of the Mother Earth.


Gentle exercise and movement is key. For example, try some slow, soft stretches.


Practise mindful, conscious breathing. Breathe in for four counts, hold for four counts, breathe out for four counts. 


Connect to your soul, your spirit. Pray, meditate, acknowledge things that you’re grateful for, hold your heart.

Get Outside

Get some sunshine to increase vitality and happiness! 

Find Joy

Do the things that bring you pure joy. Find your Heart Nectar; the juicy succulent sweet stuff that life is all about. I find the simple things in life are what bring me joy. What are yours?


It’s free and invaluable!

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