Lisa Stanton-Smith talks to us about supplements: Are they necessary? Should I take them? With many of us confused by the mixed messages we receive, sometimes it can help to get some professional advice.

Originally published here, this article has been republished with permission.

The supplement industry in Australia has a net worth of over 16 billion dollars! And whilst I do often prescribe supplements to my clients, I do believe we have an unhealthy obsession with supplements generally. For many, it’s become the ‘healthy’ equivalent to the quick fix pill to cure all ails.

Most supplements also interact with pharmaceutical medications and some even with each other. So self-prescription is not something I recommend. In saying this, there are some supplements that repeatedly produce good results in those who are highly active.


Magnesium is a mineral often depleted from heavy sweating. Essential in a number of pathways in the body, magnesium is important to energy production, protein synthesis and electrolyte signaling.

Found in highest quantities in nuts and seeds; many Aussies simply don’t get enough. Some key signs of deficiency include restless legs, muscle cramping, eye twitching and loss of appetite.

Let us help you

As with everything, I’d recommend having a chat to one of team at Gisborne Health Essentials, or your preferred nutritionist or naturopath in order to work out which type of magnesium powder would be best suited to your individual needs.