Do you know that the health and well-being of both you and your partner prior to conceiving influences your pregnancy and your baby’s health? Optimal health and nutrient status pre-conception improves your chances to become pregnant, supports a healthy pregnancy and birth, and aids in the post-birth recovery.

Research shows that the health of both partners before pregnancy shapes the baby’s health from their childhood into their adult life. Prior to conception the sperm and the eggs (the building blocks of the baby’s health and development) are maturing at a rate dependant on optimal health. Nutrient deficiencies, lifestyle and environmental factors may reduce sperm production, disrupt ovulation, and cause hormonal imbalances decreasing the chance of conception.

A healthy mother creates the ideal implantation of the fertilised egg, and the development of the precious foetus into a healthy baby. Pre-conception care is equally important if you are undergoing fertility treatment (IVF), donating your sperm or eggs or planning to freeze your eggs. I have a special interest in reproductive health and fertility.

As a clinical naturopath I holistically and functionally assess your pre-conception health status and determine your specific nutritional and lifestyle requirements. I offer support and guidance for you and your partner through your pre-conception journey to enhance your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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