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Acupuncture is an ancient form of holistic medicine that involves inserting single-use needles into specific points on the body that relate to different muscles, nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic ducts or energy systems.


Naturopathy is a whole person approach to health care. Using natural supplements, food and the latest reseach, naturopathy aims to treat the underlying cause of your health issues, not just the symptoms.

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Food has the ability to transform ones health if matched with the body’s requirements. These requirements vary between individuals, depending on one’s life stage. This is why there is no ‘one diet’ that is perfect for everyone.


Massage optimises the range of motion and comfort in muscles, joints and functions of body systems.


Kinesiology uses bio feedback (muscle testing) to find and clear blockages in the body. This could be nutritional, muscular or emotional.

Leisa Blanch, Naturopath

Leisa Blanch


Hi and welcome to the GHE clinic! I am a Naturopath and the owner of Gisborne Health Essentials. My aim is to provide a clinic setting/health boutique that has the best interests of clients and the practitioners at heart. I love inspiring others to reach their full potential and being able to treat all clients and shop customers in a unique/tailored way is important to me.

I’m also a mother and a smiling, happy local. I love the Macedon Ranges, where we are able to balance busy lifestyles with exercising in nature, relaxing and consuming plenty of whole, nutritious foods.

Always up for a laugh and a chat, make sure you drop in and say hi if you haven’t already, I’d love to see you

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Lisa’s nutrition journey started as an elite middle distance runner. Competing on the national athletics circuit, she learnt very early the importance of good nutrition in fuelling performance. Then suffering a long bout of injuries and illness, Lisa’s knowledge adapted, and paved a unique understanding of the human body and it’s changing requirements. Lisa realised food was more than just fuel or for pleasure: but had the ability to transform ones health if it matched the body’s requirements: which vary between individuals, and depending on life stage. This is why there is no ‘one diet’ that is perfect for everyone. Lisa’s knowledge has since grown with completion of her degree in BHSc Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine.

Alongside her athletics career, Lisa has spent many years studying and working in Melbourne and Auckland amongst the best musculoskeletal specialists, marketing researchers, psychologists and horticulturists, in an attempt to understand the drivers of disease, nutrition, and human behaviour. Coupled with an elite running background, Lisa brings a unique understanding of human nutrition to every consult, and is passionate to help you on your journey to better health, and better performance.

Outside the nutrition rooms you’ll find Lisa walking or running the local trails, running tracks, gardening, baking, or admiring a sunset.

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Lisa Stanton-Smith

Lisa Stanton-Smith

Nutritionist (Sports nutrition)

Leilani, Kinesiologist

Leilani Marks

Neuro Trainer

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Combining eastern and western medicine philosophy to establish solutions for creating a harmonious and stress free life. I welcome you into a nurtured space of self healing, compassion and kindness. Together we will work to achieve your goals, remove stress, anxiety, trauma and negative repetitive patterns.
There is no one criteria for benefiting from treatment sessions. Everyone experiences numerous life challenges, transitions, inherited family and societal patterning conflict, and belief systems that don’t serve us in all stages of our lives. Recondition yourself on how you view your life. Find the causal pattern that is stopping you from achieving your ultimate life and recalibrate you to achieving your aspirations, goals, mind freedom and quality of life. Deal effectively with stress, anxiety, conflict, patterns, ideals and aspirations.
Neuro Training encourages you and your nervous system to function optimally and bring your life back into alignment. Through balancing, mind nutrition and nervous system training – YOU become your own solution. We then redirect your focus and energy away from your problems and on to your goals. Working with concerns such as –

  • Achieving goals and finding purpose
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Recuperation
  • Accident prone
  • Allergy and nutrient imbalances
  • Increased memory and clarity
  • Acute and post trauma
  • Low immune system
  • Grief and loss
  • Energy lift and freeing meridian blockages
  • Strained Relationships

Recognise your potential. With kindness and compassion you will be driven to achieving your goals and releasing stresses and uncertainty.

Michele Downes


Hi, I am Michele, a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner who provides quality complementary healthcare to the community, specialising in supporting people with chronic pain and associated symptoms.

Each person is unique, and my belief is that by understanding all aspects of a person’s health (both mind and body), treatment can be tailored to achieve long-term health goals. My approach incorporates a range of techniques such as acupuncture, cupping, tuina (Chinese massage), moxibustion, gua sha and ear candling. We also discuss possible dietary and lifestyle changes or Chinese Herbal remedies to further assist this process and achieve lasting results.

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Nicole Woodcock

Nicole Woodcock


Hello I’m Nicole, I am a Clinical Naturopath passionate about the natural wisdom of the human body, and the power of nutrition and herbal medicine to restore balance and overcome illness.

I am dedicated to supporting my patients to achieve optimal health and experience a balanced, fulfilling life by providing them with the knowledge and resources to enable them to take control of their own health and wellbeing independently. In doing this, I offer both one on one consultations and group workshops.

While I am adept at treating acute and chronic health concerns and general health promotion, I have a special interest in all areas of female and male reproductive health. This includes hormonal imbalances, period irregularities (including pain), pre-menstrual syndrome, mood fluctuations, menopause, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal acne and sexual health. I can assist with natural fertility management including IVF support, pre-conception care, pregnancy, post birth recovery and breastfeeding support.

I am a tertiary qualified Naturopath having completed a Bachelor in Health Science (Naturopathy) and a member of the Australia Natural Therapists’ Association (ANTA).

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I started my Massage Career after receiving a Certificate IV in Equine Myofunctional Therapy in 2000. I then completed Certificate IV in Postural Integration (PI), Diploma of Remedial Massage (2006) and MET (muscle energy transfer).

I have adopted the strokes and intent from PI to create change and balance within the different levels of the body. I combine this with Remedial Techniques to optimise ease and range of motion in joints, alignment and function of body systems. I work holistically, involving the emotional and physical levels of the body to transform ones mindset, to allow change.

I am regularly undergoing further courses to improve and increase my knowledge and awareness of why dysfunction occurs with the aim of helping you achieve a more happy, positive and functioning body.

Registered with a Health Provider Number and Member of AAMT.

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Leanne Wall, Integrated Remedial Massage Therapist

Leanne Wall

Integrated Remedial Massage Therapist

Monique Price-Howie, Naturopath, Iridologist

Monique Price-Howie

Naturopath & Iridologist

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Monique is a familiar face – as a third generation Macedon local, all who know Mon, know her heart lies in helping her community live their best, authentic life. Mon achieves this by using her wide range of qualifications and experience to understand who you are as an individual before employing these skills to determine the support you require.

Her starting point is to utilise world-class iridology technology to provide an intricate photograph of your iris along with a comprehensive report. This assists in identifying your genetic predispositions, organ susceptibilities and how lifestyle may be impacting your health to develop a thorough treatment plan to improve the quality of your health.

Treatment may include:

  • Diet and lifestyle advice
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Herbal medicine
  • Homeopathic medicine
  • Flower essences
  • Referral to allied health practitioners where appropriate

Mon’s clients will tell you that her non-judgemental approach, sharp sense of humour and realistic goal-setting makes her a practitioner that is easy to put your trust in.

I am a Naturopath with a special interest in thyroid health and fatigue.

I have been in private practice since 2012, both in Melbourne and rural Victoria (Woodend, Gisborne). I am also the resident naturopath at a rehabilitation centre near Daylesford.

I will listen, and work with you to develop an achievable treatment plan, encouraging you along the way. Simple and gradual changes to diet, lifestyle and habits, along with individualised herbal and/or nutritional supplements, will allow you to reach your full potential, both physically and emotionally. I am used to working alongside other health professionals (GPs, specialists, psychologists, osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, personal trainers) for best patient outcomes.

I am also a qualified Bowen therapist. Bowen Therapy can reduce pain, relieve stress and brings a deep sense of relaxation. As such it is a great adjunct to naturopathy.

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Naturopathy) – Endeavour College of Natural Medicine
Certificate of Bowen Therapy – ISBT
Member of ANTA (Australian Natural Therapists Association)

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Caroline Lhuer, Naturopath

Caroline Lhuer

Naturopath & Bowen Therapist

Irene McGowan Naturopath

Irene McGowan

Naturopath & Receptionist

Our newest Naturopath Irene brings warmth, compassion and an unparrallelled passion for searching for health truth. With an interest in functional pathology and nutragenics (how your nutrition interacts with your genes and environment), Irene works with her patients  to resolve complex and chronic health concerns. Irene’s patients will tell you about her compassion, her easy-going, non judgemental nature and her attention to detail in uncovering and re-writing the story of achieving balanced health.

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Hello I am Naareda. I am a qualified Holistic Kinesiologist and Pranic Healer. I am a mother of two and passionate about health on all levels, mind body and spirit.  The only person I can heal is myself and I have done so more times than I care to remember (it is a work in progress). Over the years I have collected many tools to help me maintain my health and wellbeing. I have studied some of them, I have acquired some of them innately and I have stumbled across them through sheer desperation and utter determination. My life purpose is to be of assistance to others who are wanting a helping hand, someone that can perhaps shine a light on an issue that sometimes we can not see ourselves and help people be the best versions of them. I offer this currently in one on one sessions using predominantly Kinesiology and Pranic Healing and in the near future I will offer group sessions. My approach is grounded and authentic and I call it how it is, with love of course.

Kinesiology is a complimentary healing method that uses the muscles in the body to pinpoint imbalances in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Using non-invasive and often very simple corrections, the body restores itself to its own natural state. We access approximately 10% of our brain capacity which is our conscious brain, therefore, 90% of it is made up of the subconscious brain. Kinesiology accesses the subconscious part of the brain via an indicator muscle.

I am so excited about joining the team at Gisborne Health Essentials and I look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your journey back to wholeness.

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Naareda Thomson


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