Preparing for and sitting exams can be a super stressful period! Good luck to all the young people around us sitting their end of year exams at the moment; we’ve put together five top tips to help you out!

  1. Remember to breathe! Simple but so overlooked and, as the stress increases, shallow breaths increase, and then, so does your stress! 🤦‍♀️ So come back to the present with long deep breaths through the nose into the belly, hold, before breathing out long and slow from the belly through the nose again…and repeat.
  2. If you can’t think in the middle of an exam or even while studying…place your hand on your forehead to bring blood to the frontal lobes of the brain. It gets us right out of survival mode and back to creative thinking.
  3. To reduce underlying stress and anxious feelings, magnesium chloride baths at night are wonderful, they will also help you sleep deeply. Also, try taking a good quality magnesium powder that includes activated Bs will assist with experiencing a calm state, decreasing tension, and supporting energy levels.
  4. Your food choices are so important right now as high GI sugars and carbs are going to spike your stress and anxious feelings. Go for wholesome options along with protein and healthy fats in every meal to stabilise blood sugar and enable you to focus well. Nuts and seeds are a great snack – they could be added to a smoothie drink or protein balls, for example. Also, your colourful veggies and your green leafies to support healthy cognitive function. And, while we are on the topic of food and cognition, our lions mane mushroom powder is perfect for brain function too.
  5. And here at GHE, we have also been making up individualised mixtures of herbs and flower essences over the counter that you can drop dose throughout the day to keep focused and clear, without the jitters. 😉