Trauma is the Greek word for ‘wound’. A wound can be in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual bodies. 

Frightening or distressing events or experiences may result in a psychological wound or injury. This trauma can leave psychological impact and symptoms long after the initial event. I think we can all relate to that after the last two unpredictable and challenging years, with many of us still in a fight or flight state. This experience is also very relevant to our children.

The body doesn’t know the difference between an actual trauma (experiencing it as it’s happening) or perception of trauma (when we think about it or are reminded of it). Instead, the body keeps reliving that trauma over and over, causing us to end up in a continual loop with no end in sight.  

When trauma is stored, in any of the bodies (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual), it plays havoc with our body’s systems. In particular, the nervous system. This can manifest in many ways and to varying degrees. It can affect our cognitive thinking, digestive system, sleep (including disorders and nightmares), socialisation (including relationships, intimacy, and trust), hormones (including menstruation issues), mental health (including anxiety, depression), general health (including headaches and adrenal fatigue), mood, life satisfaction (caused by disconnection to source energy and/or life path), and the list goes on…

It can be overwhelming and frightening to start unpacking trauma. Sometimes, it feels like opening Pandora’s Box, knowing there’s every chance that it could spiral out of your control. Because of this, it is vitally important to be held in a safe environment whenever you consciously work through trauma.

The great news is that you do not have to relive trauma in order to heal it and to bring your body back into balance and homeostasis. Something many don’t realise is that you also don’t have to be conscious of what it is in order to heal it. Our magnificent brains are designed to encompass the conscious and subconscious.

Through kinesiology, I work with all of the subtle bodies (the subconscious) to clear and bring them into alignment and rebalance. I help you to restore and reconnect to your own innate healing systems. I also give you tools to empower you to support yourself afterwards, and I will continue to support you after your session if you require it.

Every single person is different, with an entirely unique set of circumstances and experiences. I am committed to supporting you through your healing journey back to wholeness at the pace that is suited to you for where you are at. 

I work with adults and children of all ages. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you want to understand more about what my sessions entail.