What does good digestion look like?

From a naturopathic perspective, good digestion is characterised by the efficient and complete breakdown of food in the digestive tract, proper absorption of nutrients and regular elimination of waste products. The following are some signs we look for:

Regular bowel movements 

Ideally, you should have one to two bowel movements per day that are easy to pass and well-formed.

No abdominal discomfort.

Good digestion should not cause any pain, bloating, gas, or other discomfort in the abdominal area.

Balanced appetite

You should have a healthy appetite, with the ability to distinguish between true hunger and emotional or other triggers.

Adequate nutrient absorption

Good digestion should ensure that nutrients from the food you consume are properly absorbed into the bloodstream, providing the body with the necessary building blocks for growth, energy, repair, and maintenance.

Efficient metabolism

Good digestion should support an efficient metabolism, helping the body to burn calories and maintain a healthy weight.

Good digestion ensures that the body is able to derive maximum benefit from the food we consume. 

If you experience any digestive issues, then it’s time to consult a naturopath at Gisborne Health Essentials who can help you identify the underlying causes and develop an appropriate treatment plan.