Do you have a ritual?

We talked about this @gisbornehealthessentials this week. For most of us, a ritual is a way of connecting with ourselves for a little while, before we run into autopilot and start our busy day or for unwinding when it’s time to slow down. Rituals are usually something we enjoy and that makes us happy.

A ritual is grounding and helps us feel anchored in the world. It is something important to us, something that we do on a regular basis to connect us back into our heart space and our higher self .

Rituals are intentional

When I am consistent (and let’s face it, we all fall in and out of our alignment) my life flows so much better. Ritual is something that I have found myself speaking to my clients about for many years and those that create their own rituals not only heal faster but they become the captain of their own ship.

Rituals take many forms. If you want some clearing and guidance on setting up some simple practices to help and support, you on your journey come in and see me @gisbornehealthessentials. I am available Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

My daily practice

Here is an outline of my regular daily practice.


  • before opening my eyes I hold my Traditional Chinese Medicine heart 7 points.
    • It is the source point of the heart meridian. They are something that I teach all of my clients as I have found these to be the most effective and easy way to bring ourselves back into the present moment and out of the fight and flight response. It is super easy and extremely effective tool that anyone can use , anywhere at any time. Children loves these. If you would like this information, please feel free to contact me and I will send you a link on my Instagram @heartnectarkinesiology or Facebook page Heart Nectar that I wrote last year.
  • I take a few big deep belly breathes whilst holding Heart 7.
  • I bring into to awareness some things that I am grateful for.
  • While drinking my celery juice, I imagine the goodness reaching every cell in my body.
  • 10-20 minutes meditation.
  • Tongue scraping, an ancient Ayurvedic practice.
    • The benefits of tongue scraping are
      • 1. It improves digestion as digestion begins in the mouth.
      • 2. Fresh breath and oral hygiene.
      • 3. Improves the sense of taste.
      • 4. Improves overall health.
      • 5. Scraping will signal if toxins are present in the body
  • I centre myself often through the day and always before I see every client. To do this, I simply say:
    • I AM grounded.
    • I AM connected.
    • I AM protected.
  • While lighting incense each day, I give thanks to the power greater than me.
  • I burn sage and Palo Santo in my house, my clinic space and over myself whenever I feel stagnant and negative energy


  • before sleep I hold my heart points to bring myself back to my heart centre
  • I really try to meditate before bed, but this is hit and miss

There are other things that I do from time to time but this what I find keeps me in check.

It doesn’t matter what’s happening externally. The fact is that shit happens every day and people do some crazy things but if I’m always coming from my centre, from my heart space, I am living on purpose, I’m more conscious and I keep raising my vibration. I can more easily differentiate between my “stuff” and theirs.

I would love to hear what your rituals are and I look forward to connecting with you.