What is ‘optimal health’?

We’re so glad you took the time to take our quiz, but if you’re anything like us, you’re now probably wondering…’so what does this all mean?’ and ‘what exactly is ‘optimal health?”
We’ve put together the information below to help you understand the score you received from the quiz and to understand more generally why these questions are so important.

If you haven’t yet taken the quiz, we’ve shared it below – jump in now!

There are so many symptoms that we sometimes just accept as normal, but that we really shouldn’t. In an ideal world for our bodies, we should all be:

  • getting a good night’s sleep; 
  • having a break from stress so that we can rest as well as digest;
  • experiencing healthy digestive systems – one or two bowel movements per day, no bloating, constipation, or pain; 
  • only feeling pain in the body when it needs to signal to you that something is wrong – we shouldn’t be experiencing chronic or ongoing pain;
  • having steady energy levels; 
  • feeling healthy, be able to think clearly; and
  • leading a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet, and regular exercise and relaxation.

A bit more about us, and how we can help to get your health on track!

At Gisborne Health Essentials, we love inspiring change. We are all on our own individual journeys and our health state will always reflect this. Why you experience specific symptoms could be completely different to the next person, based on your genetics, previous conditions, lifestyle, diet, how the body copes with physical and mental stress, and any past trauma that may have occurred.

And that’s why all the Naturopaths at Gisborne Health Essentials create individualised plans to ensure we get the best outcome for your health and wellbeing. Where necessary, we will use testing to delve into the specific details of how your body is currently functioning, or how it is genetically predisposed to function. We will also engage the expertise of other practitioners to make sure you are healing on all levels.

You might be surprised to know how much can be managed naturally and effectively. We work on digestive issues and concerns, including food sensitivities, cardiovascular issues, thyroid and autoimmune, fertility, pregnancy care, children’s health including autism and anxiety, men’s health, sleep, stress, anxiety, menopause, hormonal issues, skin concerns, hayfever, liver and methylation issues, general nutrient status, and genetics.

Are you ready and prepared to make changes to support your overall health and wellbeing?

If you would like to talk through your particular situation and see what would be best for you, please reach out. As Naturopaths, we ensure you have the means and the knowledge to look after yourselves in healthy and sustainable ways.

Click here to find out more about our team and make an appointment.

So, what about your results..?

See below to find out how to best interpret your results. If you do book in to see one of our naturopaths, we can discuss some of these questions as a starting point to establishing where you’re at.

  • If your score was between 1 and 18…
    Great work! It seems that you are headed in the right direction with your health. If you need any further support or want to make some final tweaks so you can reach optimal health, we are certainly here to help!
  • If your score was between 21 and 39…
    You are doing okay in terms of your health right now, but there is definitely room for improvement. You may be getting by, but if you would like to pursue optimal health, we are here to support you every step of the way and in whichever way would best suit you!
  • If your score was between 42 and 60…
    It’s sounds like you could really do with a consultation with one of our lovely Naturopaths. Don’t fret, there is so much we can do to help you get your overall health back on track!
    Click here to get in touch and book an appointment today.

As a big thank you for being inquisitive about your health, I have included a link where we reveal some of the greatest health hacks for busy people! This will certainly provide you with a good start/continuation on your health journey. We hope you enjoy it and we really look forward to hearing from you again soon!

We also have a blog that is regularly updated with pieces written by our very own practitioners, so please check this out too and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up to date tips and information!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like more information; we can help you determine which of the four practicing naturopaths you would be best to see. Alternatively, please learn more about each of us on our Practitioner Services page. We also have acupuncture, kinesiology, remedial massage, and our signature Jiwamu Relaxation massage and organic facials so that all your wellbeing needs are taken care of.

Aside from individual appointments, we do group work from time-to-time (follow our facebook events for more details) and work with our kinesiologist to provide consultations that work on both clearing old patterns that are holding you back and address your current physical wellbeing.

You are also more than welcome to visit us in store. We generally have one of our Naturopaths available in store, ready to support you, and for simple ailments, we can assist you ‘over the counter.’

To say thank you…

As a special gift to you for taking our quiz, we want to offer $10 off your next appointment with one of our GHE naturopaths!

AND we also want to give you a free, personalised Australian bush flower essence to support your emotional wellbeing. The flower essence will be selected for you when you visit us for your consultation. Our Australia bush flower essences are usually $19.95, so you will be getting $29.95 value for free, just for taking our quiz and showing a committed interest in your own health and wellbeing!

Simply book your appointment (in store, by phone, or online) and show this email in store to receive your $10 discount and get your free flower essence (note: the discounted consultation applies to both new and existing clients).

We look forward to seeing you soon. Stay well. The GHE team. x
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