Congratulations are in order for our remedial massage therapist, Tom Moore, who is now also a qualified myotherapist. 

While remedial massage is more commonly used to treat non-specific injuries such as muscle tightness or soreness, and provide people with some form of relief, Myotherapy identifies the underlying cause of the injury to aid in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.

So, having both skills is a win win for his clients, that’s for sure!

Tom is passionate about the human body and how it functions, and is always trying to continually learn and improve as a therapist (evidenced by his latest qualification!). Tom’s approach to wellbeing is that everyone is unique, and our bodies work in different ways. His open-minded approach allows him to take in the details of every circumstance and achieve the best outcome for each client. 

In his practise, Tom uses a wide range of techniques including myofascial tension, trigger point therapy, cupping, ischemic pressure, and transverse frictions, all of which aim to assist people in improving and maintaining health and limiting the chances of any reoccurring dysfunctions in the body. His method addresses pain first, then works on increasing range of movement and correcting posture; he believes this can improve how we perform everyday tasks and positively impact our physical health and wellbeing. 

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