Have you been battling with digestive issues, insomnia, skin problems,headaches, bloating, acidity, bad breath, body odour, brain fog, or memory issues?…If the answer is yes, you need to DETOX!

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We take in a lot of toxins in our day-to-day lives with inorganic chemical compounds in food, air, water, and products we use. Stressful or sedentary lifestyles further increase the number of toxins that stagnate in the body.

The good news, however, is that the body naturally wants us to live and eat well, to follow circadian rhythms, absorb the sun’s rays, fresh air, and clean water, and be in harmony with our own body and mind. Because of this natural drive to keep us well, you can read the behaviours and functions of your body to help you accurately assess your health.

Our director and naturopath, Leisa, in conjunction with Cassie, our wonderful beauty therapist, have developed a 30-day detox program to support you in cleansing and resetting your body!

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